Choosing The Best Essential Oil


Essential oils are one of the major aromatherapy items. They are available in stores, however choosing the best may be difficult. You will need to know some simple tips to get the best essential oil.

Things to consider when choosing essential oil

Buy from established storeessential-oils-1958551__340

It is advisable to purchase essential oils from recognized companies that are reputable. This will save you from buying expired products or oils that you can not use. Do not buy from stores that sell all the oils at the same price as
it may be a sign of sub-standard products.


You should know if the essential oil you are buying is pure. Ask where they come from and their scientific names before buying. These questions will help you understand more about the essential oils. You will also know that the oils should not be made from anything other than plants.

Choose synthetic essential oils

Essential oils that are synthetic in nature are the best for use. Choose oils made from strawberry, lilac, cucumber or rain. Most essential oils are synthetic, but you have to check to ascertain this before you buy.

Purity check

When purchasing these oils, you should check if they are pure by putting drops of the oil on paper. If after some time the oil evaporates without leaving any oily mark. Avoid buying oils that have vegetable oils added to them. These will show oil mark on paper when they evaporate.

Check for quality

Essentiessential-oils-1508923__340al oils usually tend to have strong smells.You can check for the quality by sniffing the oil. A little smell always goes a long way, and this is the best way to check for the quality of essential oil you want to buy. Test the quality of
any new company by buying a small amount of essential oil for the first time. If you check the oil and it passes these tests, then you can go ahead and buy. You should, however, avoid oils with fragrances since it could mean some impurities have been added to the oils.

These tips are great for anyone who is learning about aromatherapy or making their beauty products. You can also use these tips to help know what essential oils should be used for herbal remedies as well.