Things Search Engine Companies Look for When Ranking Your Website

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Search engine optimization is a great strategy many are using in online marketing. Those with business websites stand to benefit more from their use because they help boost rankings in different search engines. You are likely to experience an increase in business sales when you optimize your site. This is because those who do a search related to what you have on your website will have seen your site first in their search results.  Look for an agency that will do an excellent job for you. Popular search engine companies like Google usually look into a couple of factors before ranking your website. Here are some of them.


The content on your website is one of the things these companies will look at before ranking you. Something they consider most is the keywords you use on your home page. Keywords are essential because they are what many use when looking for specific content. You should research the keywords you intend to use to pick the best for your site. Make sure the content on your website is 100% original to boost your rankings.

Loading Speeds

Your site’s loading speed is another factor searchSEO engine companies like Google will look into before ranking you. Fast loading websites guarantee users a quality experience. This is one thing most search engines look at because they want to guarantee their users a great experience using these platforms. Make sure both your web and mobile versions have the best loading speeds to avoid being penalized.

Mobile-Friendly Website

The number of people accessing the internet using mobile devices is higher compared to those who are using PCs or desktop devices. You should, therefore, ensure your site can cater to the bigger majority. Come up with a mobile-friendly website that will guarantee different people a quality user experience. This is something most search engine companies look at before ranking your site.


Links are also essential in helping your site rank top in most search engines. It is something most search engine companies will look into before ranking your website. There are different types of links that can be used to improve your site’s rankings. Outbound links and internal links are some of the most popular types. You will also be at a good place when a reputable site uses a link to your website on their content. Do consider these factors if you want your site to rank top.

Author: Carla Zamora

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